1962 Austin-Healey 3000

Owner/Driver/Mechanic/All round good guy!  Fred Crowley

Pre-Grid Chant
Team Healey Texas Theme Song
It started out with Jimmy Johnson and Bobby Ward having been racing their 100-6 and 100-4 since new. In 1991, with the encouragement of Jimmy and Bobby, Fred started racing with the newly formed Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing (CVAR) sanctioning group in Texas. At that time the only track CVAR used was Texas World Speedway just south of College Station. The race groups were Under 2 litres and Over 2 litres and the grids were quite small. Of course with 3 big Healeys we had to have a cool sophisticated name, hence Team Healey Texas.
L-R: Jimmy Johnson, Fred Crowley, Jeanice Crowley, Bobby Ward Newest Member: Chris Kellner

Fred's car was purchased back in 1984 by his company to be used as his company car. Business was good back in those days! When Fred left the company in 1991, the company gave him the car and he decided to go racing (that's really cool!).

Since then Fred and his Healey have raced from California to Pittsburg to Mosport in Canada to Texas. Same car, same engine (including the original cast iron head), transmission and overdrive. You may want to check out the 'Specs' link.